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Designing, creating and maintaining 
unique, sustainable 
private and commercial

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Our Mission Statement:
To create, develop, maintain and link a range of habitats, rich in biodiversity with the aim of creating aesthetically pleasing, sustainable spaces that both humans and accompanied native wildlife can coexist in, together, peacefully. 

Maintaining and developing the home and garden for kind and honest people by kind and honest people. Providing a fair, loving, service & relationship to and with everyone involved to reach optimal satisfaction for all. Giving back all the while by donating time, energy and money to worthwhile causes. Working harder & smarter with our light shining bright fuelled by positivity & lifelong learning. 

We are Sustainable Garden Solutions.

Garden & Grounds

With over 15 years of professional Design, Gardening and Construction experience culminating in the SGS you see today, our divisions each offer unique approaches to traditional services, take a look below at some of our portfolio highlights and find out more about how we can help.

Community Projects
& Sustainability

helping out to maintain and develop community areas in order to inspire the surrounding society
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