Garden & Grounds Maintenance

Our Team Members embody meticulousness, reliability, and an insatiable work ethic, armed with 0-emission toolkits, poised to transform your exterior spaces. Check out our reviews and testimonials or witness their prowess firsthand! Meticulousness is a team criteria, and with a keen eye for detail, our maintenance division optimizes every working hour on-site, ensuring you step into a clean and flourishing garden.

Our skilled maintenance teams excel in a broad spectrum of tasks, from clearing and cleaning to intricate repair work. Committed to lifelong learning, we prioritize continuous education for all team members. Experience the difference for yourself! Whether you have a small backyard or oversee a large commercial property, our teams have catered to a diverse range of satisfied clients, including private clients, housing estates, and academies, among others.

Understanding that every client has unique needs, we initiate the process with an initial Site Visit from our Maintenance Manager and their team. This ensures clear expectations on both ends regarding time, budget, priorities, and future plans. It's also an opportunity to ensure a harmonious working relationship. Once these parameters are established, we can explore one-off bookings, repeat appointments, or even curate a comprehensive 12-Month Calendar tailored to your schedule.


Our Dedicated Admin team is available to help manage our teams to make sure you're in the loop with weather based changes, session reminders & for any other questions, queries or feedback you may have for us.

Please contact: 0779988618 

Maintenance Packages

Our Bespoke Garden Calendars provide a seamless, cost-effective service refined year after year to align with your garden's unique needs and your budget. Through meticulous analysis, we determine what it takes to elevate your garden to its full potential or make it shine within budget constraints. We go beyond the basics, offering additional packages such as bulbs and shrub planting, waste removal, jet washing, and more!

Discover the effortless beauty of a garden designed specifically for you. Each calendar is a testament to our commitment to tailor our services to your garden's evolving requirements. With a focus on both aesthetics and financial considerations, our Bespoke Garden Calendars ensure a hassle-free journey to a vibrant, thriving outdoor space.

Grounds Maintenance Gallery

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