Community Projects

Part of our mission statement declares that we will give back time, energy & resources to good causes and alongside planting over 2000+ plants, nearly 800m2 of wildflower & sedum roofs & gardens, 77 trees, 28 Bee hotels and over 100 hours of volunteering all in our first 2 years we have also contributed our tools & time into local; community projects.

Information regarding the following can be found below;

Project Savethebees_UK!

With Bee hotel manufacture and distribution acting as the beginning of our journey, we have continued to produce & install bee-hotels, bat boxes, birds houses & hedgehog homes and gardens across the UK to help encourage & support native local wildlife.

Community Planters

Since our early days, we have maintained & developed some local community planters. Keeping them tidy & in check and offering a friendly Pit stop for any passing wildlife.

Primary School Assist

Working in teams of 2-3 we have spent numerous sessions helping our local primary school to clear and prepare their grounds for an outdoor wellness area and keep it all in check.

Cuxton & Cobham Woodland Project

Working closely with the West Kent Downs Countryside Trust we have attended meetings, provided consultation and brought our team along to multiple volunteering days with this local charity who over the past 15 years have valiantly protected & rejuvenated 110 acres of local woodland. Removing debris & non-native invasive species from the area. Planting native tree species and running a range of bio-diversity enhancing projects back into this area of natural beauty.

Re-generation Gift

Following a series of unfortunate events, a local home was left with their home & garden in disarray. We were given the opportunity to come in and re-landscape their front garden bringing it to an enjoyable new level using all the pre-existing materials and adding some plant life injections for a splash of life & colour.

BumbleBee Conservation Support

The purchase of 20 Gift memberships was made last year from SGS providing funding for a company doing amazing work in so many areas to protect our precious pollinators.

Grassroots Support

Resource support, lending cutting & clearing tools to a local community project aimed at using football to bring communities and business together to create opportunities for many.


Donating uniforms to the heroes at plogolution who run projects across the city picking up the waste left around by those less conscious.

Mission Wildflower!

Transforming as many unused concrete & waste areas as possible into wildflower meadow. The perfect heaven for bees & bugs and a fantastic win for biodiversity.
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