With Sustainability at our core we have a range of ways we applicate this into each element of our business & personal lives.

Our Garden Designs regularly tend towards sustainable design planning to avoid & remove harmful gases & emissions, re-use materials & push sustainable products.

Our Maintenance Teams use 0-emission tools.

Our Development teams work tirelessly to implement the designs thick with planting when possible and built to last.

Everyone contributes to raising company donations, fundraising and donates time & energy to sustainability based community projects.

Home Planting
Landscaping & Development
Garden & Grounds Maintenance
Community Planting
Garden design is a PROCESS and our designers love it. We are constantly exposing ourselves to new design features, classic styles and real life work to ensure we have a full & total understanding of materials, placement and balance. With our Team and your individual requirements, preferences and specification there’s no doubt we will produce the optimum result for you and your property. From the moment we are contacted our 6 day a week admin support team should quickly translate that into a booking date with our team. A detailed Site visit is then exploring what you’re trying to achieve, your budget, your style preferences and a little about yourselves! Your garden is an extension of your home and your home is an extension of you. We want to know as much as possible to ensure we create something you fall in love with. However contrary to popular belief we don’t just send you this design back and that’s the end game we then go through a refining period working through style, layout & budget details to fully optimise the design. Complimented by a Plan Drawing (Hand Drawn or CAD), A Mood Board and Phased Invoice/Estimate and we are ready to go! Select a project below to view our case studies!
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