Bexley Split garden

A complete transformation of a large space in the most cost-effective manor is our bread and butter. Our quoting system allows for accurate estimates and easy management when installing and allows us to spend time getting everything right. This is a Dualist garden which splits at the middle creating two different spaces and given purpose to both. Despite the installation of multiple hard landscaping elements, planting & wildflower meadows the maintenance on this garden will have decreased significantly especially with the help of our maintenance team and their bespoke package with yearly fresh planting to grow with their garden. 


"Great company, very reliable and extremely hard working.

All the lads, Aiden, Luke, Shay, George and Jordan are always happy, polite, respectful and helpful.

Our garden is transformed and cannot wait for the spring to be able to use it properly and for the plants to establish.

They created a wonderful garden of two halves with a patio, water feature, borders, pathway and plants. Highly recommend this business, the team were an absolute pleasure to have working here.

We will definitely recommend on and use them again."

"Wreck to Clean Pave"

From nothing to something special in a short period of time this is a perfect example of a clean cut garden. Finished perfectly and left ready to enjoy. Featuring one of our favourite slab's, raised beds & fencing. We are glad we could highlight the benefits of having some retained panting areas to our client. 

"Curvy & Clean"

Making products unique is important to us and utilising their budget most effectively is our bread and butter. Here we were able to tactfully use the pre-existing hard structures as the foundations for our build reducing the ground preparation required and giving the garden an exciting new face lift.

"Big & Curvy"

Designed by the incredible talented Laura Anstiss from Oakmore Green Design Studios we felt privileged to bring this to life for Laura and the Clients. Following an initial meeting with everyone we quickly established our plan of action & proposal and had the garden hardscaping completed in no time. Tying the Shapes  curves together within the given gradients was no easy challenge but we knew there was no better team for it. 

Eco Drive

Sometimes as in this case the Client is unsure of what they want. They know some basic requirements such as extending their off road parking but are open to ideas. Here we suggested and installed an SGS Eco Drive, Excavating by Hand, with the correct waste disposal we prepared the ground for the sub-base structure. This sub-base structure was made from recycled plastics and with the small addition of some sleepers & stones it leaves the area open for drainage whilst leaving the border plants to continue growing happily. We also chucked a few extra plants into the adjacent border for the bees!

Interactive Wildlife Garden

With a passion for Sustainability & Wildlife and young active children who love nothing more than to explore and play in the Garden we felt we were the Perfect Fit for this Client. Our Design included so many features we were incredibly proud of.

We found & successfully re-used the old paving slabs we found under the ground, cleaned them up and used a mix of colours & textures to re-lay into an attractive Pattern. Surrounding this was Planting areas & A decorative Cut Log wall utilising the effects of Carbon Fixings to reduce emissions and create an attractive feature which will also act as a habitat to many.

With Green walls, Wildflower meadows, Bat Boxes, Bee Hotels, Bird Homes, a living hut and an assault course this project perfectly encapsulated so many of the features we push to be included in projects. The client has since taken out a maintenance package to then allow our gardeners to help continue to look after & develop the space.  

Curves @ Longfield

The Requirements for this project resulted in its unique design. The mission...To create an extended area to host the BBQ and friends as an extension to the pre-existing decking area, sitting neatly within the curves already installed in the previous paving whilst finding a way to cover the view of the Shed & Store in the background.

Did we meet all of these requirements in an attractive manner? Yes! Carefully scaled plan drawings allowed our design team to create a curve that exactly matched the adjacent curves, our paving choice & style left the area looking like a beautiful within the already existing colour schemes and landscapes and the Raised Beds & Trellis subtly distracted the eye and blocked the view of the unsightly buildings.

Pave & Plant @ Higham

One of our Earlier Projects which we spent a huge amount of time getting the design perfect. We had multiple meetings to discuss the Client's preferred tastes, life experiences, shape & style preferences before beginning what was a lovely installation. Working closely with the client on every project is incredibly important to us. The design becomes a product of both our preferences, interpretations, experience and the clients. This therefore fuses uniquely to create something which would never have come to light on its own.