Getting down and dirty is a no brainer for all of our teams but nobody clears a bed more efficiently and meticulously than our head gardener and his teams. Knowing what to leave and what to take out can confidently be left in our hands however preferences and client opinions are always taken into account. What a difference a well weeded decorative bed can make. De-weeding doesn't end at the flower be, Lawns, Old paving, paths, driveways and any external structures encroached on by unwanted growth can be tackled.

Lawn Cutting

Day in, Day out our Maintenance Teams use their electric tool kits to give lawns that clean cut feel. Whether you're looking for that football pitch feel or a simple overcut to keep maintenance down we can accommodate and with experience over-seeding, grading, apply nutrients, scarfiying and airifiying we can improve the general health of your lawn. We can help bring your lawn to perfect however we appreciate perfect and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we are certainly happy to encourage dandelion & daisy growth if you are!  

Hedge Cutting

Hedge & Shrub Cutting makes a huge difference to a garden aesthetically. Improving growth & shape overtime, generally looking well cared for and sometimes acting as a pure necessity when converging paths, sunlight or views. From large hedge cuts to shrub pruning and topiary we will leave everything looking 1000x better and leaving the surrounding cleaner than before. With maintenance teams dedicated to tasks such as these they are closing in on 10,000 Hours making the true masters!  

Please consider that we will not take part in hedge reductions or trimming during fledgling season. Tall greenery areas which have undergone thorough inspections could be suitable for some forms of cutting. The best thing for all parties including the birds is to schedule your cuts into the appropriate seasons for maximal plant & wildlife health and appearance.

Demelza Close

Working closely with the fantastic residents of this private housing association we have thoroughly enjoyed re-vitalising their grounds & community gardens, getting to know the many residents and improving our service year on year. The space has allowed us to showcase a range of grounds maintenance skills; de-weeding, hard surface maintenance, shrub & flower pruning, hedge maintenance, lawn cutting, client interaction and it has all been wrapped up neatly in a 12 month plan. Over time we have adjusted our plan to suit the residence and their grounds needs and we look forward to providing this service indefinitely. 

Happy faces all around!