Sedum & Wildflower Roofs

Green Roofs! An ideal world in our eyes is streets with front gardens full of wildflower meadows, Green walls with a multitude of built in homes for birds, bees, bats and bugs and Green Roofs! From adding some character to a bike shed, blending your garden offices into the landscape or creating a full eco-system on top of a large commercial building we would love to help transform your boring industrial rooftop into a sustainable & attractive heaven.   

From Rooftop Garden Planting, Sedum Selections or Wildflower Meadows we can mix and match to meet the structural requirements of your building. Watch the colours change throughout the year, help tackle drainage issues and become one of the many pioneers who are making this bold & necessary detail.

Green Walls

Green walls can take a number of forms. Classic examples such as trailing plants on traditional houses and Plants on Trellis have been used for years to help soften large structures or introduce life & colour to them and this has developed right through to fully irrigated pre formed structures that hold masses of vertical planting in interlocking systems. All systems have their place and all look amazing. If you're looking to maximise plant life around your home & property, create additional ecosystems, soften your hardscaping and maximise your environmental contribution a green wall is perfect and we'd love to help you settle on the perfect option.  

Lighting & Irrigation

Lighting & Irrigation our two of many additional garden specific construction services we offer and can make a huge difference to your outdoor space. Tactical Lighting can do anything from improving property security, extending your exterior sociable time or creating a range of beautiful effects from sharp and impactful to a delicate essence which leaves you at peace. (Especially when combined with the sounds of running water from a water feature! ;)). 

Irrigation Systems can be a real game changer. A clever irrigation system installation including semi-porous pipe & tape timers can take your watering time down to 0 or allow you to refine our plants water intake for maximisation be it in your Veg Garden or your decorative borders.

Nature Pools

Nature Pools are a fantastic way to simultaneously increase your gardens aesthetics and biodiversity. Pond and water areas create a fantastic new habitat in any space and will encourage a range of flora & fauna to settle nearby. Set up correctly they require little to no maintenance and will bring life into your garden for years to come.