Planting Plants & Bee Conservation!

Over the past two years we have managed to plant a total of over 2200 Plants, 75+ Trees and over 700m2 of Sedum & Wildflower Turf! We are incredibly proud of this especially as this is only one of our many altruistic company goals. We have looked for every planting opportunity we can, regularly convincing the astroturf keen - concrete fond client around and introducing them to the more colourful, satisfying solutions. Solutions filled with rich planting plans or inclusive planting in their design.

From design to installation we explore every sensible planting opportunity, a green & colourful world full of life is a world we want to live in.

As a supporting partner of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we not only aim to provide bee-friendly installations but we donate directly and via gift memberships to the trust. Find out more about their work here.

Regeneration Project - work in progress

Part of our mission statement declares that we will give back time, energy & resources to good causes and alongside planting over 2000+ plants, nearly 800m2 of wildflower & sedum roofs & gardens, 77 trees, 28 Bee hotels and over 100 hours of volunteering all in our first 2 years we have also contributed our tools & time into local; community projects.

This Gift Garden Renovation was the perfect opportunity to add some planting to a bare unused space. After completely re-working the area to an acceptable standard we managed to re-use the materials from site and some company stock to create a clean finished front garden with some PLANTING! 

Community Planter Maintenance

The Community Planters Receive a range of treatments from SGS including planting spare plants or donations regularly find themselves in one of our shared planting areas. For us, everything should be full of life! Do you have any community areas in need of re-vitalising or re-wilding? Get in touch! We are very busy but we will always explore options to help support community planting. 

One of our earliest community projects and one we just keep coming back to was two sets of three raised planters sitting on the pavement as you enter the village. We have spent many hours clearing, painting, planting and regularly maintaining these free of charge to provide our local residence with some seasonal splashes of colour and the birds, bugs & bees a miniature pit-stop! 

The Cuxton & Cobham Woodland Project

After two years of volunteering and consultation with the West Kent Downs CountrySide Trust our Managing Director Aidan was proudly invited to become a Trustee. We now work closely with the team at the Cuxton & Cobham Woodland project on a range of protection & conservation tasks as well as heading up their social media and fundraising events.  

Tree Planting is a huge part of this, removing invasive species such as the pescy-fast growing sycamores and replacing with native species such as Oak, Field Maple, Hawthorn etc is vital work in revitalising the woodland and helping to reproduce the equilibrium bringing with it a range of positive effects from oxygenating trees, water management, ecosystems and familiar habitats.  

There is nothing more gratifying, peaceful and soulful than spending a Sunday exploring local woodland reconnecting with the land and your community and offering service to your fellow humans and mother nature! We would welcome anyone to come along and get involved, meet our team and the team at the CCWP and spend some time in the woodland.

The team at SGS have also begun fundraising for their very own event. The Tough Barrow! Currently postponed but still in the pipeline, the team plan to run a full trail marathon with a wheelbarrow to raise money for the trust. 

We've set up a Crowdfunding page for the Cuxton & Cobham Woodland Project to support their ongoing work to purchase, protect & conserve 110 Acres of Natural Woodland. on JustGiving. Donations can be made here.



Save the Bees really runs through the heart of our business and existed before it. Building Bespoke Beehotels, promoting Environmentally friendly material and engaging in pollinator friendly projects was part of the snowball effect which led to the birth of SGS! We have been making, gifting, maintaining, promoting, learning, encouraging and contributing to the sustained focus & effort that saving our Countries Bumblebee's requires.  

CCWP & Tough Barrow

Our involvement with the Cuxton & Cobham Woodland Project directed by the Kent West Downs Countryside Trust has gone hand in hand with SGS. Since starting originally we found ourselves engaging their Team and volunteering more and more to their valiant cause. Our entire team has gone to their open work days to support their woodland conservation efforts and our Managing director has worked closely with the Trustees on a regular basis and was recently adopted onto the Trustee Board. The work the Charity does is honourable and the 15+ years they have been doing it for even more so. We are incredibly proud to now be so heavily involved. 

For more on the specifics of the work done by the CCWP, Open work day dates and ways to contribute and get involved please head to

Tough Barrow

This year SGS is organising, training for and running a Marathon as a fundraising event for the CCWP. To make the event stand out, demonstrate our efforts and help raise more funds for the Trust the Team has ensured this is no Normal Marathon. On top of their 6 day weeks regularly undergoing heavy labour-some tasks the Team has decided to run the Marathon... through the woods...With a Wheelbarrow!

Wildflower Turf

Once again we found ourselves drawn to wildflower turf in the earliest days of SGS. The Product, Installation Capabilities and alternative future it offered had us heading straight down the HQ for an accreditation! With a better understanding of the product we set to work looking to become involved in installation projects where we could convert unused, unloved and low aesthetic areas into Wildflower Meadows, Green Roofs, Walls and fill as much space as possible with this colourful, biodiverse, low maintenance solution.