CCWP & Tough Barrow

Our involvement with the Cuxton & Cobham Woodland Project directed by the Kent West Downs Countryside Trust has gone hand in hand with SGS. Since starting originally we found ourselves engaging their Team and volunteering more and more to their valiant cause. Our entire team has gone to their open work days to support their woodland conservation efforts and our Managing director has worked closely with the Trustees on a regular basis and was recently adopted onto the Trustee Board. The work the Charity does is honourable and the 15+ years they have been doing it for even more so. We are incredibly proud to now be so heavily involved. 

For more on the specifics of the work done by the CCWP, Open work day dates and ways to contribute and get involved please head to

Tough Barrow

This year SGS is organising, training for and running a Marathon as a fundraising event for the CCWP. To make the event stand out, demonstrate our efforts and help raise more funds for the Trust the Team has ensured this is no Normal Marathon. On top of their 6 day weeks regularly undergoing heavy labour-some tasks the Team has decided to run the Marathon... through the woods...With a Wheelbarrow!

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