What grew from what was a change in lifestyle, love of the outdoors and change of perspective to a family. We are a mix of Garden Designers, Landscapers & Garden & Grounds Keepers working out of Medway and across the country we have and still are on a roller coaster journey.

Our Mission statement aims to encapsulate everything we stand for built from our own personal experiences & values. We are passionate people and every working opportunity is valued by all of us, not only is company profit donated to charities such as the bumblebee conservation trust but our team has and continuously donated their own time to good natured projects.

Design -> Install -> Maintain -> Protect

Our Maintenance & Development Services include:

Garden Designs
Small Repairs
Commercial Installs
Planting Plans
Green Roofs
Green Walls
Bespoke Manufacturing & Installation
General Garden Maintenance
Gutter Clearance
Jet Washing
Shrub & Hedge Cutting
Water Features
Pond Installs
Concrete Structures
Damp Proofing
Demolition &


With Sustainability at our core we have a range of ways we applicate this into each element of our business & personal lives. Our Garden Designs regularly tend towards sustainable design planning to avoid & remove harmful gases & emissions, re-use materials & push sustainable products. Our Maintenance Teams use 0-emission tools. Our Development teams work tirelessly to implement the designs thick with planting when possible and built to last. Everyone contributes to raising company donations, fundraising and donates time & energy to sustainability based community projects.
Garden Design Sustainability
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Our Mission

To create, develop, maintain and link a range of habitats, rich in biodiversity with the aim of creating aesthetically pleasing, sustainable spaces that both humans and the accompanied native wildlife can coexist in, together, peacefully.

Attention To Detail

We ensure that every job, project and mission is given specialist care in order to fulfil the client’s desires and that it is completed with attention to detail.

Sustainability And Community

Our love for nature and passion to keep it thriving gives us the drive to breed sustainable mind sets and keep community areas teeming with life.

Dependable Services

Our list of testimonials and the endless before and after shots of projects, shows you our level of dependability as well as our high standard of work.


Trust is at the heart of our company. Having a strong and confident relationship between our team and the client is of upmost importance.

Our People

Fuelled by a love of learning and the growth of my staff & company I'm dedicated to steering this company towards the brightest future possible. That future is Green! 

Aidan Thompson Managing Director

Aidan Thompson

Managing Director

Molly Smeed

Head of Administration

Callum Webber

Development Team

Ben Humphries

Maintenance Manager

Jordan Allen

Development Team Leader

Ella Thompson

Mixed Divisional Support

Glen Ryan

Maintenance Team Leader

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Our Associations & Partners

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